The Journal to Social Effect


You already did the hard work. You published your article. Let’s tell people about it on the internet.


About This Product

You spent numerous hours dedicated to your research. You’ve found a gap in the literature and set out to fill it. You have collected the data and analysed it. You have created knowledge.

And now that your paper is published, you can’t wait until other researchers and scientists read it and cite you in their papers. But in the sea of papers being published daily, how are they even going to hear about your new findings?

Moreover, other researchers and scientists are the only people who might have access to your paper, but they are not the only ones who can benefit from your new findings.

So why would you let your paper collect virtual dust when you can be talking about it for a much broader audience?

About the Workbook

This workbook will guide you through the steps you need to take to turn your paper into a number of accessible pieces of content that you can use to promote your research online.

It will help you go from academic paper to your preferred online format, including both long-form content (blog posts, podcasts or videos),  short-form content (Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest) or a combination of both (our suggested approach!).

What is Included
  • Anatomy of a simple but effective blog post
  • Exercises to help you find the right language for your communication
  • Tips to elevate your non-academic writing skills
  • 25 fill-in-the-blanks titles you can use for blog posts, videos or podcast episodes
  • 50+ prompts for social media
  • A list of websites you can find beautiful copyright-free photos and videos that you can use if your research is not visual or you are camera shy
Please Note

This workbook is currently in pre-sell and will be delivered up to 30 days after purchase.