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Product License

By purchasing any product from SciCommLab, you are granted one (1) revocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license to the product(s) you have purchased. If you purchase a product, you are not allowed to share it with colleagues or industry friends.

If you violate this license by giving or selling a copy of our product(s), we reserve the right to invoice you for the licenses you have gifted to others and revoke your access to our product(s) permanently.

Product Refunds

If you have purchased a ebook, workbook, group course, group workshop or planner, you may request a refund up to forteen (14) calendar days after purchase. If you request a refund, you accept that you will not have the right to use any materials provided for you going forward. You have three calendar days from the date the refund is initiated to remove any of our materials from your computer, your website, social media or from any other business or personal uses.

1:1 Mentoring Session Policies

If you cancel your appointment up to 72 hours in advance, you may request a refund. You can reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours in advance. If you cancel within 24 hours or you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, your session will be forfeited.

Sessions will be recorded and made available for you to reference later unless you do not wish for us to do so. Recordings will be kept for 30 days and then will be deleted.


Earnings Disclaimer

We make no income/financial guarantee regarding the potential income that can be generated through our communications or your participation in the purchase of any of our products.

Affiliates Disclaimer

We reserve the right to link to products or services for which we earn a commission, affiliate fee or referral fee. We will use reasonable efforts to disclaim affiliate links in articles, resources and similar communications.


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Malicious Code

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Limitation of Liability

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Changes to our terms and conditions

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